New Olympus: The Armageddon Girl Companion

New Olympus: The Armageddon Girl Companion
Series: New Olympus Saga, Book 5
Published: 2014

Welcome to a world where superheroes are real! Venture into Earth Alpha, the alternate history first featured in the novel Armageddon Girl. New Olympus features eight short stories set in different times and places.
“Deguello” – an American volunteer in the Spanish Civil War is caught between two dueling Neolympians.
“Visionary” – in 1938, a budding super-villain threatens the city of New York and only the efforts of several legendary heroes (and one pesky reporter) can stop him.
“The Red Baron’s Last Flight” – set during the last days of the Third Reich, Neo pilot Manfred Von Richthofen undertakes a desperate mission against the Allies.
“Tripping” – four counterculture druggies go on one really bad trip.
“Hungry Love” – wherein college dropout Patricia Dark and the Lurker meet and conceive the future Armageddon Girl.
“Freshman Class” – a group of candidates to the Freedom Legion face a deadly threat – from within their own ranks.
“Death At A Con” – a fanboy, a secret agent and a HeroiCon 2010 Guest Of Honor face a deadly Neo with the power to kill with his mind.

In addition to the stories, New Olympus has a history of Earth Alpha, an overview of the world, and notes on using the setting for roleplaying games.

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