Night Covenants (The Synthetic Wars Book 4)

Night Covenants (The Synthetic Wars Book 4)
Series: The Synthetic Wars, Book 4
Published: 2019

Nobody walks away unscathed.

Conthan’s refusal to kill his mentor has placed the fate of mankind in the hands of a madman with unlimited power and resources. With a war threatening to consume the world, there can be no more running. Conthan fears that the only way to emerge victorious is to give in to his powers and surrender what’s left of his humanity.

To defeat a powerful man, there must be a powerful woman.

Twenty-Seven, sentenced to die in the Outlands, now leads the rebellion. However, it is the war between her past and present that with potential to break her. Despite this, she stands on the front lines, she is ready to save the world, or at least she hopes. But with war coming to her doorstep, she will need to unite mankind and the Children of Nostradamus for this final confrontation.

The Synthetic Wars is a dystopian sci-fi series featuring superheroes. Fans of X-Men and broken futures will love this fast-paced series introducing the Children of Nostradamus Universe.

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