Night Legions (The Synthetic Wars Book 3)

Night Legions (The Synthetic Wars Book 3)
Series: The Synthetic Wars, Book 3
Published: 2019

The darkness wears many faces.

Conthan seeks absolution within the Church of Nostradamus. But hidden amongst their flock, rebels look to him for leadership. For the first time, Conthan sees an end to a war that plagues the country. He’s determined to stop the madman once and for all, even if it means abandoning his morals and becoming a ruthless killer.

In the battle for Chicago there will be no victor.

Dwayne despises killing, but his ability to wield lightning makes him a ticking time-bomb. Up until now, he has resorted to violence to stop the enemy, but the line between good and evil is becoming blurred. He must now decide if he is capable of using his destructive powers against the Nighthawks in order to save the world.

The Synthetic Wars is a dystopian sci-fi series featuring superheroes. Fans of X-Men and broken futures will love this fast-paced series introducing the Children of Nostradamus Universe.

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