Night Shadows (The Synthetic Wars Book 2)

Night Shadows (The Synthetic Wars Book 2)

Series: The Synthetic Wars, Book 2
Genres: Audio Books, Dystopian
Tags: Action, LGBT+, Near Future, Tone: Dark
Publisher: Brave New Words
Publication Year: 2019

Murder isn’t in the hero handbook.A year after joining the Nighthawks, Conthan feels anything but heroic. He fulfilled the prophecy of a dead psychic, but the stain of the warden lingers. In the cold of night he battles a crippling self-doubt by waging war on the synthetic army. A secret society u...

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About the Book

Murder isn’t in the hero handbook.

Unable to wash the blood from his hands, Conthan feels anything but heroic. He sacrificed the life he knew to save mankind and fulfill a prophecy from a dead psychic. A wanted man, he plays at being a vigilante and wages war on a synthetic army that still hunts him. No matter how many innocents he saves, the warden’s voice still haunts his dreams.

A secret society unleashes a second civil war.

Jasmine can’t stand by as the country she swore to protect descends into darkness. Her newfound freedom from the military can’t wash away her sense of duty. If the Society gain control of the synthetics, her kind will be hunted into extinction. Now she must rely on the same people she once imprisoned to prevent a massacre.

The Synthetic Wars is a dystopian sci-fi series featuring superheroes. Fans of X-Men and broken futures will love this fast-paced series introducing the Children of Nostradamus Universe.

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