Of Breaking Waves (Eclipse — the Girl Who Saved the World Book 4)

Of Breaking Waves (Eclipse — the Girl Who Saved the World Book 4)

Five tween superheros were sent to circumnavigate the universe in order to save the world. The Wizard of Mars warned that some might die. Eclipse saved the world, but died in the effort. At the end of the previous book, she returned from certain death. Now she has to save the world, a few more times.

Meet the five:

Eclipse —
World’s Greatest Tween Superhero
World’s Most Terrifying Tween Supervillain
Opinions differ.
She’s caring, daring, deadly
…and here to save our world
…though she knows that, win or lose, she will die trying.

She’s twelve. She’s hardworking, bright, self-reliant, good with tools, vigorously physically fit, tough as nails, still young enough to disguise herself as a boy. And she’s a persona – she flies, reads minds, and only on occasion blows up a nearby mountain range.

Trisha Anson is not quite a year older than Eclipse. She’s friendly, considerate, really good in school, athletic, does more than her share around the house. She’s also the persona Comet. She has superspeed…an hour of housework in a minute. She flies, including across the universe in a long day. Trisha’s brother and sister are personas, too.

Trisha’s year-younger sister Janie Wells is a budding world chess and go champion. As the persona Aurora, she reads minds, sees distant events, and can kill with a glance.

Janie’s twin brother Brian Wells builds fantastic models from scratch. As the persona Star, he has a nearly unbreakable force field and summons plasma beams that cut battleships in half.

The enigmatic Cloud was given his superpowers by the Screaming Skull himself. He can summon lightning, titanic winds, and all-obscuring fog.

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