Omega Superhero Series: Books 1-3 (Superhero Box Set)

Omega Superhero Series: Books 1-3 (Superhero Box Set)

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About the Book

What would you do if supervillains were trying to kill you?

Bury your head in the sand and pray they go away?

Spoiler alert: They won’t.

I find that out the hard way when supervillains murder someone I love. Now I must learn to use my newfound superpowers to figure out who’s behind the threat to me and my family.

My journey takes me from a small town to the big city . . . from fleeing bullies to confronting supervillains . . . from our world to other dimensions . . . from being ordinary to becoming extraordinary.

My name is Theodore Conley: an unsophisticated guy from a small farm with the potential to be the world’s greatest superhero.

Suit up and join my adventure today.

“Excellent heroic fiction. . . . If you’re looking for a solid Spiderman meets Superman-esque story of good versus evil as well as what a ‘realistic’ hero might look like then this is a decidedly optimistic non-cynical book for you.” – C.T. Phipps, author of The Supervillainy Saga series

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