Omission (The Darby Shaw Chronicles Book 4)

Omission (The Darby Shaw Chronicles Book 4)
Series: The Darby Shaw Chronicles, Book 4
Published: 2016

Raising the murdered is a heavy responsibility…

It’s been three years since police Detective Darby Shaw found out she’s a superhuman who can revive the murdered. In that time, she and the Department of SuperHuman Affairs have had a tumultuous relationship. But when one of their agents ends up dead in her jurisdiction, Darby must set aside her hate in order to pursue justice, especially with the Department hostile to her and Mark.

Mark Herman, her partner, is still reeling from the revelation Darby kept secret for two years: he’s not normal, but neither is he a superhuman. Angry, hurt, and confused, he wars with himself—is she worth the trouble? When new department psychologist and empathic super William Young makes moves on Darby, Mark must face his own jealousy—and try not to piss off Darby in the process.

Equal parts mystery, superhero tale, and romance, OMISSION is sure to keep you up past your bedtime.

Darby Shaw. No Capes Required.

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