Order: A Superhero LitRPG Adventure (VR Hero Book 4)

Order: A Superhero LitRPG Adventure (VR Hero Book 4)

Series: VR Hero, Book 4
Genre: LitRPG
Tags: Action, Future, Male Lead
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About the Book

Kidnapped. And time is running out.

It’s not every day you break your guitar over the head of a supervillain and need to get it repaired in time for your next concert, but Busker Burn finds himself in exactly that situation recently. Fortunately, Busker lives near Earl, the guitar’s original eccentric NPC owner, who he knows can fix it.

Unfortunately, Busker discovers that Earl has been kidnapped by the cult of Digitus, who see Earl as a threat due to knowing the secret behind the Glitchling infestation. Glitched beings that should not exist, Glitchlings are reproducing at an alarming rate, past even what the Winter League can deal with, and Earl’s knowledge may be the key to stopping them before they destroy the game itself.

Now Busker and the Digitals must rescue Earl and stop the Glitchling infestation which is threatening to destroy all of Capes Online.

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