Power Up: Supervillain Rescue Project

Power Up: Supervillain Rescue Project
Series: Supervillain Rescue Project, Book 4

Is being a villain ever the heroic choice?

Superpowered teen Jake escaped from his Uncle Vic’s supervillain gang to find a family, friends, and future. Now, on the cusp of adulthood, he’d rather die than go back to that old life … but if the cost to stay on the hero side of the law isn’t to him, but the man who gave him the second chance, what will he choose?

When a trafficking ring targeting superpowered youths goes after Jake, his adopted father, Fade Powell, helps him escape but is himself captured in the process. Fade’s friends and family scramble to find him, but with time running out and no leads, Jake receives an offer of help from an unlikely source, the uncle who tried to kill him.

Vic Lucas says he can get Fade home alive. All he wants in return? Jake’s promise to return to the Sand Fox gang permanently.

Jake can’t be the reason his father dies, but can he throw away the life Fade sacrificed everything to give him?

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