Powers (The Young Neos Book 2)

Powers (The Young Neos Book 2)
Series: The Young Neos, Book 2

Blizzard just wants to kick back and relax with her friends while visiting her family. She doesn’t want to deal with supervillains, secret government conspiracies, or any of the various other things that superheroes deal with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, Blizzard finds herself working alongside a government agent who seeks to recover an object stolen from the government long ago. And if Blizzard and the agent fail to retrieve the object, Blizzard’s hometown and family will be destroyed.

Shell just wants to be strong. Having lived most of his young life bullied or ignored by others for his weak powers, Shell believes he will always remain weak in comparison to his friends until a stranger offers to enhance his powers. But nothing comes free and Shell must pay a high price if he truly desires to become strong.

Together and separately, Blizzard and Shell must overcome the challenges and dangers before them if they are going to save their city from destruction.

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