Predator and Prey: Onslaught IV

Predator and Prey: Onslaught IV

Series: Onslaught, Book 4
Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Contemporary, Female Lead, Tone: Dark
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About the Book

The Onslaught Continues:

Episode 4:

Predator and Prey, but who’s hunting who?
Remnants of the fabled Freedom League continue their clandestine activities, traveling from Europe to Africa tracking down old villains that have escaped justice.

The fight together and occasionally one another, but can they finish off an empire?

The Kiprusoff dynasty has ruled over Finland and its Empire for years, but now in the League’s crossfire can they survive much longer?

The end is the beginning for Princess Monae Kiprusoff, through her tragedy she will attempt to become her own person and rule over her own empire. But if the League has its way, she won’t survive another night. Monae will have to rise to the challenge or become the next victim to the League.

Friendships and family ties will be strained.

The next chapter in the Onslaught saga

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