Pride (Make Your Own Supervillain Book 2)

Pride (Make Your Own Supervillain Book 2)

Series: Make Your Own Supervillain, Book 2
Genre: Young Adult
Tags: Contemporary, First Person POV, Male Lead
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About the Book

A ghost town, a kidnapped sister, and a walking toxic waste dump …

Having successfully saved OKC from the cannibalistic supervillain known as Humanimal, Toby ‘Wyldfyre’ Miller sets his sights on conquering an even greater challenge:

Asking out Mandy Summers, the girl of his dreams, who also happens to be in love with his superhero persona but barely acknowledges his existence.

Toby must put his summer romance dreams on hold, however, when a walking toxic waste dump called Wasteland kidnaps his younger sister from right under his nose. And then Toby is blindsided when his boss’ relationship woes collide with his life, putting a strain on their relationship that threatens to destroy their friendship.

Yet if Toby and his boss are to save his sister and stop Wasteland from turning Oklahoma City into a toxic waste dump, they must remain united as one or perish.

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