Prime Identity (Prime Justice Trilogy Book 1)

Prime Identity (Prime Justice Trilogy Book 1)
Series: Prime Justice Trilogy, Book 1

Jake Grayson is a middle-aged man from Chicago who is trying to live a normal life in a world of super-humans. He has a stable job, three teenage children, and a wife whom he loves infallibly. He would like nothing more than to pretend he didn’t have to routinely evacuate his office because of skirmishes between heroes and villains.

All that changes, though, when he discovers his wife is super-human—by being swapped into her body. Now, he has to find balance in the life he’s been forced into, one filled with violence, suffering, and pain, contrasted against the duty he feels out of love for his wife to be every bit the hero she was.

PRIME IDENTITY is an adult sci-fi/urban fantasy novel that takes a personal and nuanced view of what a world of super-humans might look like. It’s a tale of loyalty, duty, and prejudice; a must-read for fans of the superhero, science fiction, or urban fantasy subgenres.

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