Published: 2019

“Your journey will be seven years. Your destination is Earth.”

In the pristine society of Dromini, Kyla’s genetic condition is considered a crime worthy of exile. She’s banished to Earth, where she hopes to find the love and acceptance she craves. Kyla soon learns, however, that fear and ignorance are inescapable forces in the universe—and her problems don’t end there. Earth’s atmosphere has triggered a series of changes in her cells that give her abilities she can’t control, abilities the military powers on Earth want to exploit.

With the help of Emmy Saria, lead scientist for the PRISM project, Kyla learns to harness her new gifts. As Emmy struggles to convince her peers that Kyla isn’t dangerous, Kyla is called upon to stop an arms race that threatens to engulf the world in war. She’s forced to decide not only if she’s capable of fighting the battle she’s asked to fight, but whether she wants to go to war for a society who so desperately wants to treat her as an outsider.

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