Prize Not the Mask (Vanguardian Book 1)

Prize Not the Mask (Vanguardian Book 1)
Series: Vanguardian, Book 1
Published: 2019

Since World War 2, costumed super-heroes have been a staple in society. Gifted with an array of powers, they fight the never-ending battle for the protection and safety of those unable to defend themselves.

Then five years ago, an alien race known as the Necroleans attacked Earth, determined to eradicate all life. Though the death toll was high, and loved ones were lost, only the combined might of the super-powered community sent the would-be conquerors into retreat. Earth had been saved.


After dealing the decisive blow against the invaders, Vanguardian is the most famous hero on the planet. Operating out of Autumn Arbor, otherwise known as the City of Legends, he and the Sentinels of Society are scheduled to attend the annual festival commemorating the Necroleans’ defeat and memorializing those who fell during the invasion.

Vanguardian and the Sentinels of Society are attacked in the middle of the festival by a new enemy calling himself Incarnate. Powerful enough to bring the entire team of super-heroes to their knees, Incarnate is revealed to not only be a new weapon created by the Necroleans, but also exposes Vanguardian’s secret identity to the public.

And somehow, Incarnate also recognizes Vanguardian’s true face as Dominick DiAngelo.

Vanguardian and the Sentinels of Society are plunged into a war against an enemy more powerful than any they’ve faced before. An enemy that not only risks bringing the world to its knees, but an enemy who now knows Vanguardian’s identity. Can Vanguardian figure out the mystery of Incarnate before it’s too late, and the new breed of Necrolean super-weapon targets his wife and sons?

(Note: The manuscript was updated on December 23, 2019 with editing corrections. If you downloaded prior to then, just contact Amazon customer service and they will send the updated ebook to your device.)

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