Psy-Hunters (LitRPG)

Psy-Hunters (LitRPG)

Series: Psy-Hunters, Book 1
Genre: LitRPG
Tags: Action, Near Future, Technology
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About the Book

A Cyberpunk Dystopian LitRPG experience.

Troy Warwick is looking to lift his spirits after a run of bad luck. He turns to his close-knit family along with a popular VR game called Psy-Hunters which features a game world where the power of the mind grants humanity amazing abilities like flight, telepathy, and pyrokinesis. Little does Troy know that a far reaching mystery awaits him inside the game, a mystery that involves the leader of a popular clan called the Black Heaven Army. That leader is his ex-girlfriend, Sabbatha the Black and Troy must find out what happened to her and her clan.

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Ueden-Ter is a world on the brink of extinction. A powerful race of mechanized behemoths, known only as Overlords, have forever changed the future of the human race. A new race of genetically altered humans have joined together, led by the powerful Psychics. Psychics, Beasts, Cyborgs, Androids, and Humans alike all band together under the banner of the Psychic Hunters’ Association or the Military Police Faction to protect Ueden-Ter from the tyranny of the Overlords. Will their combined might be enough to push back the threat of extinction?

Join the battle in the virtual role playing game Psy-Hunters. Ages 10 and up.

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