Refurbished: The Clover Initiative (Refurbished Saga Book 1)

Refurbished: The Clover Initiative (Refurbished Saga Book 1)
Series: Refurbished Saga, Book 1

The end of the world came and went. Twenty years later humanity is crafting new and secretive ways to protect itself, but the atmosphere stays clear of threats . . .

Eighteen-year-old academy graduate Alyssa is determined to start her military career as a GENE (Genetically Enhanced Entity) on her own terms. But after being transferred from her native London to America, she struggles to control her powers and find her place among a military unit of underdogs and other enhanced soldiers. When a rogue GENE is taken into custody, Alyssa’s empathy for him forces her to choose between her carefully mapped out life plan, or a path that would put her in direct conflict with her superiors.

With the promise of superpowers and a green card on the table, thirteen-year-old Miguel signs a contract to become a GENE. Enduring the enhancement process is sure to be worth it with his refugee status at stake and dazzling dreams of becoming a superhero in the mix. But when he forms a psychic connection with a mysterious girl who could die without his help, he must decide what he’s willing to risk in order to save her.

As Alyssa and Miguel embark on parallel journeys, their desire to choose their own individual paths transforms into a fierce battle for the rights of fellow enhanced people. The world might not be ready to find out about GENEs, but it had better brace itself. The protective barrier of secrecy will soon burst, and those called “Refurbished” will make themselves known.

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