Retaliation (The Darby Shaw Chronicles Book 2)

Retaliation (The Darby Shaw Chronicles Book 2)
Series: The Darby Shaw Chronicles, Book 2
Published: 2014

A year after Detective Darby Shaw found out she was a superhuman who could revive the murdered, she has uneasily accepted the expectations on her and settled into the new direction of her life, although she’s not sure she likes it.

Darby’s relative peace is shattered when, a year to the day after her first resuscitation, the 37-year-old killer in the case turns up dead in his jail cell—his body withered to that of an aged man. Speculation mounts that Darby and her powers are directly responsible for the death of the killer.

The Department of SuperHuman Affairs attempts to revoke her status as a super so they can whisk her off for testing without being bound by the SuperHuman Bill of Rights. But when a motion for just that is denied by the court, even Darby will be surprised at just how far they will go to get their hands on her…

Retaliation is a part of The Darby Shaw Chronicles Box Set, also featuring books one and three, Emergence and Capitulation, as well as a bonus short story. Find it here: .

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