Riptide (High School Sidekick Book 3)

Riptide (High School Sidekick Book 3)
Series: High School Sidekick, Book 3
Published: 2019

Just when Robbie Garcia feels he’s found a comfortable balance between his sidekick duties and high school life, a princess-induced tsunami upends it all.

Thrust into the role of personal guide to Princess Razana, Robbie suddenly feels like he’s sinking under the weight of his growing list of responsibilities. But the worst is yet to come. A tidal wave of disaster is heading straight for King City. One powerful enough to drag the whole town to the depths.

Can Robbie and his friends find a way to escape the rising waters of danger? Or will the current of malicious intent tear their team apart?

Fans of the CW’s superhero lineup will love Riptide; book three in the action-packed High School Sidekick series!

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