Rising Tides (Capes Book 1)

Rising Tides (Capes Book 1)
Series: Capes, Book 1

Kingston James Parks’ day starts off badly enough when he arrives at work to find the FBI had raided his place of employment. It gets worse when the Green Zombie Soldiers (really) start shooting at him and becomes downright surreal when getting shot at triggers his breakthrough and he teleports to safety. He’s become a superhuman, a “jumper.”

He’d have rather taken a bullet.

In the days following the Chicago Attack and the Brussels Strike, as the world reels in the aftermath of the Ascendancy’s Götterdämmerung Plot, Kingston must decide what to do with his newfound power. He’s always been good at—very intelligently—avoiding fights, even running from them when he has to. But not everyone he loves can run, and now able to jump away from any fight, he finds himself suiting up to jump into a fight he never could have imagined.
Rising Tides is the first book in superhero-author Marion G. Harmon’s new Capes series.

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