Scroll of Destiny

Scroll of Destiny

Vaughn has been yearning for his coworker, Destiny, since she first started at the museum. He even took the heat for losing the museum’s latest acquisition—an ancient scroll—in an attempt to win her affections…

…just before his best friend informs him of his impending date with Destiny!

Disappointed and resigned to his fate as a third wheel, Vaughn suddenly finds the scroll that Destiny lost. Giving in to his secret fantasies of a sexy, super-powered version of his longtime crush, Vaughn inadvertently makes a wish—only to discover that this scroll can deliver exactly what his heart desires!

Vaughn soon finds himself involved with the woman of his dreams, watching in awe as she becomes more heartbreakingly perfect with each passing day. As his relationship with Destiny deepens, Vaughn longs to tell her he was responsible for her changes.

But how will she react?

His concerns about her reaction, however, are the least of Vaughn’s problems. As Destiny becomes ever more breathtaking, he begins to wonder if his wish may have come with some dire strings attached.

Can their relationship survive her growing hunger for more?
Even more importantly, can the world?

When love squares off with the corrupting influence of superhuman powers, which will prove stronger?

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