Sea: Arca Book 8

Sea: Arca Book 8
Series: Arca, Book 8

Zita Garcia faces her greatest challenge yet—working with her irritatingly perky nemesis and being nice.

In their youth, Caroline tore Zita’s family apart with a few careless words and then meandered off to fame, fortune, and a cushy government position. Zita is finally content in her double life as herself and the part-time vigilante, Arca, despite one of her best friends dating the dimwit.

Now, something’s fishy when terrorists from Atlantis threaten to unleash nuclear weapons on Baltimore unless they get two things: their missing princess… And Arca.

If Zita wants to save the city, she has to drown her feelings, strap on her big-girl fins, and take a deep dive to stop the villains… with Caroline at her side.

Sea is the eighth book in the Arca urban fantasy superhero series and contains immoderate language, impertinent liberties with both history and myth, and comic book violence.

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