Secondhand Origin Stories

Secondhand Origin Stories

Series: Second Sentinels, Book 1
Genre: Young Adult
Tags: LGBT+, Near Future, Technology
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About the Book

An outsider with superheroic ambitions

A near-invincible teen with infamous powers

A prodigy with treasonous technology

A frail girl with a family legacy

A supervillian with mysterious motives

And a family fractured by secrets

Content Warnings: Please note that this work contains some elements that may cause distress to some people. This includes instances of misgendering, ableism, intense family conflict, racism, mention of systemic injustice, and mild animal endangerment. The author encourages anyone with specific trigger warning questions to reach out for “spoilery” information if they are concerned about the impact this may have on their wellbeing, and want further information. Please prioritize your needs when reading.

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