Secret Origins (Identity Crisis Universe Book 2)

Secret Origins (Identity Crisis Universe Book 2)
Series: Identity Crisis Universe, Book 2

A funhouse full of nightmares, apocalyptic cultists, and a territory war between mutant crime lords. Suit up, hero. It’s going to be a busy day.

It’s a lovely day for a summer carnival. The sun is out, the Twinkies are deep-fried, and romance is in the air. Luke Gillis (a.k.a. Spitball) finally musters the courage to ask his long-time lab partner out on a date… just when a very different game of cat and mouse suddenly turns deadly serious.

The Red Mantis is determined to shatter a kidnapping ring, but can he do it alone? Mister Wonderful has disappeared. Coyote is dead, murdered by the Cult of the Never-Ending Serpent. And Medicine Man is on a rampage for revenge. When superheroes lose their moral compass, who will save the city?

Gabriel Simonson and Xavier Remy are inner circle henchmen of the infamous Warlocke. Until a crime war threatens to kill them and half of California. Their only hope: uncover the deepest secret of the world’s most diabolical supervillain.

Six top secret superhero origin stories that lay the foundations of the Identity Crisis Universe. Included within this tome are:
•Carnival Carnage
•Dreams of Flying
•Medicine Man
•Puppet Theatre
•Secret Identities

Fans of George R. R. Martin’s Wild Cards series must be dealt in on this winning hand! Don’t miss Book 2 of the IDCU!

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