Series: Battlecry, Book 2
Published: 2018

When her team is betrayed by the people she trusts, Jillian turns her back on being a superhero.

Jillian’s supposed to be the hero, and yet, her elders have her on trial as if she’s a villain. If she’s found guilty, she and her team face harsh punishment and destroyed futures. But when the betrayal and treachery of her elders leads her to flee in search of her missing boyfriend, she uncovers terrible information that makes her wonder if he is really who she thought he was.

Her quest for the truth leads her to a handsome militia leader who makes her question whether she’s been fighting for the wrong side all along. Caught up in a secret war against the people who murdered her brother, Jillian will have to decide if she’s really cut out to be a superhero, or if her loyalties lie elsewhere after all.

As Jillian’s search for truth leads to a search for her inner self, she falls into a violent and tragic downward spiral that leaves many people dead. Jillian must face her elders head on and forge her own path in the history of superheroes, or find herself lost to the violence of the war. But denouncing superheroism as she knows it will mean taking on a century-old institution that will do anything–including commit murder–to stay in power.

Fans of Jessica Jones, Arrow, and Veronica Roth will love Sentinel, a superhero fantasy by Emerald Dodge.

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