Seraph Rising: Angel of the City Book One

Seraph Rising: Angel of the City Book One
Series: Angel of the City Series, Book 1

Maddy Madison is a superhero’s troubled sidekick with dreams of one day donning a cape herself.

That day is today.

When the 17-year-old’s beloved home city is trapped under an impenetrable dome ticking toward the city’s doom, Maddy must step up and try to save the day.

But there is more to being a hero than throwing on a costume, taking selfies with fans, and punching bad guys. Because bad guys punch back even harder. They’re powerful, ruthless, and have Maddy outnumbered. They’re eager to exploit an inexperienced hero new to the big leagues.

The lives of everyone depend on Maddy. Facing cunning foes, ghosts from her past, and impossible odds, can she somehow save her city?

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