Shadow of Destiny: A Shadowfox Prequel

Shadow of Destiny: A Shadowfox Prequel
Series: Shadowfox, Book 0

Witness the birth of a hero…

“Passable during the day, the once-resplendent area on the outskirts of the Briarwood District dropped all pretense of safety once the sun dipped below the horizon. Liquor stores and payday loan shops had taken the place of the mom-and-pop establishments that brought the area to prominence, while underfunded and overcrowded public housing served as a petri dish for crime and violence.

“Janelle finally broke the silence, inspired by one of the billboards they passed. She blabbered incessantly about hair and makeup and things of the sort, and Coletta was all too happy to oblige. Kysha, on the other hand, was content to go back to observing the human condition from her vantage point of comfort and security.

“She didn’t like what she saw.”

KYSHA JENKINS is a 15-year-old science whiz at McDuffie High School. Sill hurting after a tragic loss two and half years ago, she’s watched helplessly as her hometown, BAYOU CITY, descended into chaos, rotting from the core as an unprecedented crime waves threatens all who live there—including her older sister, a rookie on the police force. Wanting more than anything to help, Kysha’s frustration swells until a confrontation with a pair of bullies gives her the opportunity to put her martial arts skills to good use. Her actions spark a new idea—one that could turn the tide in the city’s war on crime.

Shadow of Destiny is a short story set before the events of Shadowfox: Dawn of Shadows, available now.

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