Shadow War: A Sci-fi Technothriller (Zero-Point Awakening Book 2)

Shadow War: A Sci-fi Technothriller (Zero-Point Awakening Book 2)
Series: Zero-Point Awakening, Book 2

On the run from a remorseless corporation, now they’re working together to strike back!

Months have passed and Lizard Man and Assassin Boy are hot on the trail of their kidnapped loved ones. Everywhere they look, they find the greasy fingerprints of Hellinix, a shadowy multinational corporation with grand and nefarious plans. A company that does not want to leave them alone to enjoy their kebabs.

Since his ex-wife and daughter were kidnapped, Arthur Fortune has abandoned the celebrity gravy train to pursue the company he suspects has taken them, Hellinix. Now he’s teamed up with Elliot Goshawk, a teen assassin, driven by the same corporation to revert back to the deadly training he’d sworn to leave behind.

Arthur wants to find his wife and Elliot wants Hellinix to leave him alone. The only way to do that is find what the corporation is really after, determine its weakness and exploit it.

Overcoming their differences and working together may have left them feeling like they had a chance against the might of the company, but now Hellinix is fielding super powered villains of its own, the trouble is only beginning.

They nearly saved the world the first time. This time will be different. Probably.

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