Shadowfox: Dawn of Shadows

Shadowfox: Dawn of Shadows

Series: Shadowfox, Book 1
Genre: Middle Grades
Tags: Female Lead, Person of Color, Tone: Light
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About the Book

A fledgling superhero faces her toughest challenge yet…

BAYOU CITY is a bustling technological mecca—but it’s also drowning in crime. The BCPD has done everything they can to keep things from spiraling into all-out lawlessness, but the appearance of new criminals with strange and unusual abilities threatens to tip the scales in favor of chaos.

Enter fifteen-year-old KYSHA JENKINS, a freshman and science whiz, who uses her academic and martial arts prowess to protect the streets as a vigilante. After three months of taking down small-time criminals, Kysha’s ready to move to the big leagues. But when a petty criminal is chosen to pilot an armored suit that allows him to create whatever he wishes out of “hard light,” the career loser gets a taste of power for the first time in his life—and Kysha quickly learns she may have bitten off more than she can chew.

Shadowfox: Dawn of Shadows is a fun, fast-paced, action-packed thrill ride for tweens and teens (and adults!) who enjoy superhero adventure, well-written characters, and sharp, witty dialogue. Be sure to check out the short story prequel, Shadow of Destiny.

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