Shared Minds (Imperium Academy Book 2)

Shared Minds (Imperium Academy Book 2)
Series: Imperium Academy, Book 2
Published: 2019


Year one at Imperium Academy was full of surprises. Year two is starting off with a bang. After Ellen and her friends stopped a rebel plot on school grounds last year, the teachers at IA have decided to speed up their training. First on the agenda… allocating sidekicks.

Ellen is teamed up with Molly May, a transfer student too shy to tell Ellen what her enhancement even is. So while the rest of the school is building up their team skills, Ellen is building Molly’s trust in her.

But when rebel propaganda starts appearing on school grounds, everyone is a suspected supporter, including Ellen and her friends.

Will they figure out who is training to work for the enemy before the rebels make good on their promise and infiltrate the school?

Or are they already here?

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