Sharp: Arca Book 7

Sharp: Arca Book 7

Series: Arca, Book 7
Genre: Mystery
Tags: Female Lead, Person of Color, Tone: Light
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About the Book

Supervillains are the worst, but visiting your mom can be killer!

With bills piling up and her uptight brother settled in her home for an open-ended stay, Zita Garcia ditches DC to spend October in her mother’s cozy small town. How hard could working in a pumpkin patch be? Especially when compared to a secret second life as the superpowered vigilante Arca.

As it turns out, pretty difficult. The guy she’s filling in for shows up very dead, and Zita is the main suspect. It doesn’t help that her friends are gallivanting in another dimension, classic Halloween monsters are running amok, and a supervillain wants her to step up her nemesis game and pay more attention to him.

If Zita doesn’t keep the villains in check and squash the killer without giving away her secret, it could be a very stabby Halloween.

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