Shining Stars: A YA Superhero Academy Series (Imperium Academy Book 3)

Shining Stars: A YA Superhero Academy Series (Imperium Academy Book 3)

Series: Imperium Academy, Book 3
Genre: Young Adult
Tags: Female Lead, LGBT+, Teens
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About the Book

Ellen thought she had Molly out of her head…
… she thought wrong.

All summer Ellen wrestled with her thoughts, Molly’s voice invading at every opportunity. Convinced it was her mind playing tricks and determined to shut her out of her head forever, Ellen heads back to Imperium Academy with her friends.

But Molly isn’t letting go that easy.

And she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get Ellen to listen, including hurting the people closest to her.

When the school’s tech starts glitching, Ellen knows Molly is involved somehow, but convincing her friends and her teachers isn’t easy. Especially when the new devices meant to help track their enhancements start pointing the finger at her friends.

Can Ellen convince the school that her ex is coming for them in time, or will Molly finally finish what she started last year?

Perfect for fans of Renegades and Generation One, Shining Stars is the enthralling third instalment of the YA LGBT Superhero series, Imperium Academy.

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