Silhouette and the Monster

Silhouette and the Monster
Series: Silhouette Series, Book 2

Her family’s greatest enemy has infiltrated Crown City.

Since moving to Crown City and discovering her Extrahuman abilities, Melbourne Leo has thrived in her role as the vigilante Silhouette. Alongside her beloved Uncle Bane who moonlights as her crime fighting partner, Shadow, Mel does her best to make her new home safe for all that live within its border.

Now, an old foe of the Leo family has returned, and people are going missing. Amidst the usual threats of organized crime and armored units dispatched specifically to take down Silhouette and the Shadow, Mel hits dead end after dead end when it comes to discovering how their nemesis, Dr. Kaylen Kavoh, is slowly unleashing new Extrahumans on the city.

Mel is forced to test her limits and face off with a haunted, handsome man equipped with a terrifying bioweapon. When a disorienting turn of events lands her with rage, missing memories, and knowledge of the horrors Kavoh’s people are inflicting on Crown City citizens, Mel commits to doing whatever it takes to stop her.

Can Mel find a way trust a newfound ally—and herself—enough to stop Kavoh’s reign of terror?

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