Silhouette and the Shadow (Silhouette Series Book 1)

Silhouette and the Shadow (Silhouette Series Book 1)
Series: Silhouette Series, Book 1

A mysterious relative. Secret superpowers. A city that needs saving.

21-year-old Melbourne Alloway is desperate to escape her controlling and abusive father. When she’s contacted by a relative she didn’t know she had, Mel leaps at the chance to escape and start fresh in a new city.

But Mel’s hope for a quiet life is shattered when she uncovers her chaotic Uncle Bane’s greatest secret—he’s the Shadow, Crown City’s most loved and hated vigilante… And their family’s incredible powers are genetic.

On top of sudden super strength and enhanced senses, Mel has to balance college coursework, making sense of her family’s twisted Extrahuman history, and flirtations with the disdainful mayor’s handsome son.

As Mel embraces her newfound family and steps into her role as a vigilante, she realizes that the life she thought she wanted isn’t enough, and the one she does want is incredibly dangerous, especially with a terrifying threat emerging against her new home.

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