Sinister Passion

Sinister Passion
Series: Villains of Vanguard, Book 3

Sentinel will suffer my wrath, even if I need to destroy the city.

My time in prison didn’t change my goal. Superheroes are a menace, and I’m going to expose them as the arrogant cowards they are. They’ll call me a villain, but I’m doing it to protect Vanguard. But after being defeated by the Centurions, I no longer have powers. This could be a problem, one I will fix by any means necessary.

My presence has brought one of the world’s greatest heroes out of retirement, or so I thought. If he thinks he can charm me into helping save the city, he’s got another thing coming. I’m nobody’s sidekick. When my arch nemesis goes missing, I’ll need to save him… so I can kill him myself.

Vanguard will never forget the name Damien Vex.

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