Six Pack: Uprising (The Six Pack Series Book 3)

Six Pack: Uprising (The Six Pack Series Book 3)

Series: Six Pack Series, Book 3
Genre: Dystopian
Tags: Future, Superhero Teams, Teens
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About the Book

Though the Underground Network has lost a lot, its leaders believe there may be ways to bring down President Douglas Irons and the Novusordo government. Tyler Ward and his friends are more determined than ever to take action and break the control the president has over the citizens. But more must be answered than how they will accomplish their objectives, even with the superpowers they have. They must ask themselves who can they trust – even with the Network’s ranks. They must ask themselves who might become new allies – even if they work for the government. Most of all, they must ask themselves how much they are willing to sacrifice – even if it means self-sacrifice.

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