Soldiers of Fortune (Just Cause Universe Book 19)

Soldiers of Fortune (Just Cause Universe Book 19)

Series: Just Cause Universe, Book 19
Genres: Action & Adventure, Audio Books
Tags: Action, Male Lead, Person of Color
ASIN: B088T53N38
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About the Book


It was supposed to be a simple job for The Ghost, a 300-year-old unkillable mercenary: interrupt a prisoner transfer and deliver the prisoner to those footing the bill. Jingshen had done jobs like it thousands of times.

But this time, it all goes wrong.


He was supposed to deliver Zoe, a young woman with a devastating power. But after centuries of doing dirty work for money, he decides it’s time to regain his lost humanity. They go on the run, hunted by superpowered mercenaries, and The Ghost will need every shred of his experience to keep Zoe alive and safe from a life of medical experimentation.

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