Steel’s Fate: A Superhero Urban Fantasy (The Rise of Heroes Book 3)

Steel’s Fate: A Superhero Urban Fantasy (The Rise of Heroes Book 3)
Series: The Rise of Heroes, Book 3
Published: 2019


She’s the hero the world needs, and she’s training for the rematch of her life…

Alice is out for revenge. After narrowly escaping death at the hands of her nemesis, she spends her days living undercover as a crippled heiress. By night, she plans for the moment she can finally take down the Phantasm…

When superpowered children are stolen from their homes, Alice immediately suspects her greatest enemy. As she follows the clues, two men from her past return, clouding her mind and tugging at her heart. With time running out and potential enemies at every turn, Alice must make a choice: continue to hide for a chance at revenge or save the children and announce to the world that the Serpent has returned…

Fans of Marvel superheroes and the kick-ass heroines of Patricia Briggs and Robert J. Crane will be hooked on Steel’s Fate, the action-packed third book in The Vigilantes: The Rise of Heroes series.

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Previously published as Serpent’s Rise, book three of The Vigilantes: The Phantasm Trilogy

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