Story of K: An Infinite Golden Light (Sci-Fi Action) (Space Fiction) (Robot Fiction)

Story of K: An Infinite Golden Light (Sci-Fi Action) (Space Fiction) (Robot Fiction)

Series: Divine Stars in a Sea of Black, Book 0
Genre: Action & Adventure
Tags: Alien, Space, Technology
ASIN: B013795IH0
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About the Book

Science fiction meets action in this explosive tale of two conquering brothers on a quest to rid the universe of a rogue golden warrior of enormous power. The brothers, Masked Ones composed entirely of nanomachines, must band together along with the sentient robotic masks of their dead brothers in order to capture the mysterious rogue warrior or destroy him should he prove too powerful. A short space exploration tale filled plenty of Sci Fi action and epic fighting. Was ranked the #11 action story on Wattpad where there are over 100 million other unique stories. Join the brothers, Anar K and Nexus, as they do the bidding of their father, the almighty K’OS and conquer in his name.

An action packed short story filled with tons of Sci Fi action, nanotechnology, advanced A.I. and epic fighting featuring robot combat action. This Sci Fi tale was inspired by many epic anime action packed series from my youth such as Dragon Ball Z, Digimon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Ronin Warriors, Transformers and most recently Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F, and One Punch Man.

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