Super: Arca Book 1

Super: Arca Book 1
Series: Arca, Book 1
Published: 2016

Adrenaline junkie and almost-respectable accountant Zita Garcia wouldn’t know a superhero from some dude in his pajamas. As a result, the second-to-last thing she expected was to wake from a spontaneous coma, quarantined, and with super powers she has to hide from everyone, including her family. Now Zita must master her new abilities while dodging kidnappers, evading government inquiries, and finding her missing brother.

The only thing weirder would have been if the blind date had gone well.

Super is the first novel in the Arca superhero urban fantasy series, and thus includes both the “origin story” of her powers and the first few adventures using them. As a movie, Super would be rated “R” for immoderate language, lame sexual innuendo, comic book violence, and sheer length. Revised for editorial changes/fixes in August 2016 (Version 2.0).

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