Super Charged

Super Charged
Series: The Aberrant Series, Book 1

The higher you climb, the farther you fall.

Powerless sixteen-year-old Shaun Boding is astonished when he escapes a pounding by blasting the school bully across the cafeteria. Was it super-heroics, or just sheer luck?

As more powers emerge, Shaun struggles to figure out where they come from. Isn’t puberty traumatic enough without superpowers? Did he really need to stand out even more? What’s worse – these powers are uncannily similar to those found in an extremely popular comic book.

While Shaun tests out his new abilities, a real-life supervillain emerges with his sights on the new superhero on the block. Superpowers are currency, and there’s only room for one god among men.

This villain is more powerful than anyone on the planet, and his objective is clear:

He won’t stop attacking until Shaun is dead.

A superhero story.

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