Super Heroes: The New Super Humans, Book Four

Super Heroes: The New Super Humans, Book Four
Series: The New Super Humans, Book 4

She thought he was dead. But he could be something even worse.

Chloe Blake is devastated when her boyfriend, Ethan, sacrifices himself to defeat the evil Chaos that threatens the world. But just when she’s on the verge of accepting the terrible loss, a psychic vision convinces her Ethan’s still alive.

And he’s in trouble.

Chloe’s determined to rescue Ethan, and she convinces the rest of The Order to join the mission. But tracking him leads them down a twisting trail with an astonishing destination . . . and to a mysterious shadow agency that’s determined to stop them.

They’re united by a destiny to protect humanity, but this time The Order isn’t fighting for the fate of the world.

This time they’re fighting for one of their own.

Super Heroes is the fourth book in The New Super Humans, a high-octane series about ordinary people with extraordinary abilities. If you like cool super powers, action-packed fight scenes and a touch of romance, then you’ll love T.M. Franklin’s final tale of The Order, and the new breed of superheroes tasked with saving the world.

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