Super Natural: The New Super Humans, Book Three

Super Natural: The New Super Humans, Book Three
Series: The New Super Humans, Book 3

As a consuming darkness threatens the world, The Order prepares for the fight of their lives…

When Dylan Kennedy shows up on Chloe Blake’s doorstep with no memory of how he got there, he quickly learns the weirdness in his life is just beginning. Dylan opens the old wooden chest in Chloe’s attic and, with a flash of blinding light, he’s gifted with a strange and awesome power, and a duty to protect humanity as part of The Order.

Chloe knows the darkness is coming. It feeds on pain, thrives on chaos, and it’s getting stronger every day. Her mystical visions show her a battle on the horizon, that the darkness will destroy everything if they can’t defeat it.

The Order is ready to fight. But if Chloe’s visions are right, they might not all emerge from the battle unscathed.

Or even alive.

Super Natural is the third book in The New Super Humans, a contemporary fantasy series with a new kind of superhero. If you like incredible abilities, dark and scary villains, and super-powered fight scenes, then you’ll love T.M. Franklin’s edge-of-your-seat story.

Buy Super Natural today, and see who wins the epic battle between good and evil!

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