Super Vision

Super Vision
Series: The Aberrant Series, Book 2

Some things are worse than death.

Shaun Boding’s trials are just beginning after his arch-nemesis escapes from prison. To make matters worse, the greatest supervillain in the world didn’t act alone.

With two against one, Shaun must find a superhero sidekick if he has any hope of challenging his enemies. But, when Mae volunteers and develops strange visionary powers during her training, a mental link opens between the heroes and villains. The bad guys are locked on, and they’re watching Shaun and Mae’s every move.

Shaun isn’t without a plan, however. Armed with the location of the villain’s lair, he and Mae set out to put evil behind bars once more. If it’s a fight the villains want, it’s a fight they’re going to get.

The only question is, can Shaun avoid death twice?

A superhero story.

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