Supermice: An Ashley Jason prequel novel

Supermice: An Ashley Jason prequel novel
Series: Ashley Jason, Book 0

A mad scientist seeking to take over the world.

Mice genetically spliced with superhuman DNA to give them superpowers.

And the origins of the Super Pill—revealed!

Twenty-five-year-old Dean Hernandez isn’t a superhero. He’s a scientist, one who happens to be in a relationship with a superhero who is dying of a genetic disease which only afflicts superhumans.

To save his superhero girlfriend, Dean splices mice with superhuman DNA to give them superpowers. Dean hopes to study the resulting ‘supermice’ to design a cure for his girlfriend’s condition and save her life.

Disaster strikes when the mad scientist supervillain known as Hybrid steals the supermice right under Dean’s nose, with plans to use them as the basis of an army of super beasts to take over the world. Even worse, the government brands Dean an accomplice to Hybrid on specious evidence, forcing Dean to go on the run to avoid getting arrested.

Now Dean must team up with the gruff veteran superhero Arachnid to clear his name, save the supermice, and stop Hybrid. And he only has a week to do it before the Supermice Project is shut down and all of Dean’s hopes of saving his girlfriend are destroyed.

Taking place 10 years before Ashley Jason and the Superhero AcademySupermice delves into the story behind the origin of the Super Pill and is a must-read for any Ashley Jason or Neoverse fans who want to see that setting from a slightly different perspective.

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