Supers – Ex Heroes 6: A LitRPG Space Adventure

Supers – Ex Heroes 6: A LitRPG Space Adventure
Series: Supers: Ex Heroes, Book 6

Become an Elder of the Citadel. Work with your ladies to save us all. But what comes next?

Why would I put my life on the line over and over when I have everything I could possibly want? Hell, my superpowers have reached levels previously incomprehensible to me. My brother and parents are in my life, and the position of Elder at the Citadel is in my grasp.

I have Charm with her foxy ways, Twitch with her ability to reprogram even our powers, the terrifying beauty that is Andromida, my curvy tempest Gale, Aegriss with her hacker abilities, and of course there’s Shimmer who can unlock a whole new world of possibilities with her illusions – both in battle and in the sheets. Then there are Charm’s friends, Laurel and Harp.

So why would I risk all of this? For you, my friends. To give you life. To bring you joy, and peace. Embrace it or shut the f@ck up, because I’m putting it all on the line for you.

It’s time to end the enemy’s invasion and then step it up a notch. Are you ready?

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