Supers Incorporated

Supers Incorporated

Series: Supers Incorporated, Book 1
Genre: Comedy/Satire
Tags: Action, Near Future, Superhero Teams
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About the Book

Sometimes a day at the office means working overtime to save the city from utter destruction.

Thad desperately wants to leave the corporate mail room and become a super, like those who work on the floors high above him. More than that, he hopes to finally get a date with Allison, the one he thinks is super in every way.

But a co-worker is bent on ruining his life. There’s a hostile team-building maze waiting for him on the fourth floor. And he’s scheduled to face a danger room full of lasers and sentinel robots after his lunch hour.

Can Thad get the promotion, win over the girl, learn his powers, and thwart the evil plans of an enigmatic figure known as The Director all before Saturday?

Going normal to hero is hard. A mysterious new group of supervillains is about to make it a whole lot harder.

And as if that isn’t enough, will he finally settle on a decent superhero name?

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