Tag Team (The Supervillain’s Kids Book 2)

Tag Team (The Supervillain’s Kids Book 2)

Series: The Supervillain's Kids, Book 2
Genre: Young Adult
Tags: Female Lead, Male Lead, Teens
ASIN: B078WJ214L
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About the Book

After defeating their supervillain father, Bait and Switch are now seen as heroes rather than potential supervillains. Their classmates finally accept them and even most of their teachers have gotten over their distrust of the two. Life seems to be getting better and better.

But things take a turn for the worse when a superhuman terrorist organization targets the Academy. Their target: A mysterious new student whose power they want to use to throw the superhero community into utter chaos.

Now Bait and Switch must defend this student from the terrorists, but that’s easier said than done, because the leader of the terrorists has infiltrated the Academy with the intent to destroy it–and Bait and Switch–from within.

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