Talos Awakening (The Heirs of Mythogenesis)

Talos Awakening (The Heirs of Mythogenesis)
Series: The Heirs of Mythogenesis, Book 1

Experience a morally gray world of superheroes like no other.

In a world on the brink, the inexplicable emergence of superpowered people is the catalyst for global war. Nations are obliterated as others rise, the threat of mutual destruction the only protection against impending extinction. Decades into this war, a mysterious cabal launches attacks against every player left on the board. Many retreat and reinforce their new borders. The Coalition, comprising Western governments, channel the last of their resources into the Peacekeeper Initiative. The objective: end the ongoing conflict through the creation and deployment of super-soldiers.

The ashes of war still smoldering, and the Peacekeepers hailed as heroes, Peacekeeper-Director Shane McGarrett hunts down new recruits to bolster his ranks, and finds the perfect candidate in Allax Drake: the lost son of an infamous superhuman warrior, imbued with the same genetic mutation. Promised purpose, power, and family, Allax seizes the chance to enlist.

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