Team Up (Dimension Heroes Book 2)

Team Up (Dimension Heroes Book 2)
Series: Dimension Heroes, Book 2

Save the multiverse.

Stranded in another universe, away from his friends and family, Alex Fry (Beams) allies with a group of rebels to overthrow an oppressive regime which controls the United States government. All the while, he searches for a way back to his universe while also trying to fight against the Dread God’s influence over his mind.

Banished to an alternate universe, Kevin Jason (Bolt) must find a way to return to his own universe before the Dread God conquers the multiverse. But how do you escape a universe that hasn’t even discovered dimension-hopping tech yet?

Bolt and Beams must reunite if they are going to thwart the Dread God’s schemes. But with enemies on all sides trying to kill them and the Dread God himself moving forward with his plans of multiversal conquest, that is far easier said than done.

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